724reservation.com is a Group (A) travel agency,member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) which is attached to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Rebublic of Turkey.724reservation.com , it operates in the field of short-term rental villa, house and apart house.

After you become a member of our site. You can choose the house / villa / apart you want on the 724reservation.com web page. Subsequently, after the request is sent with the "Send Reservation Request" button, your payment is made from our 256 Bit SSL Secure Payment system with the advertiser's approval of the reservation. After the payment is completed, your reservation form will be sent to you via e-mail.

All reservations are made by credit card or bank transfer.You can pay easily with our secure payment system.You can access our account numbers in the "Our Bank Accounts" Section at the bottom of our web page.

Our payment infrastructure is provided by contracted banks/payment institutions.

Your debit or credit card payment will only be verified by the bank that offers the payment infrastructure and the payment will be made. It wont be shared with third parties.

All of your debit / credit card payments through 724reservation.com are secured by 256 Bit SSL which is one of the most secure payment encryption infrastructures in the industry.

You can make your debit /credit card payments with 3D Secure infrastructure and you can safely complete your payment by entering the SMS code transmitted to you by the bank.

According to the law, persons under the age of 18 cannot make reservation.At least 1 person must be older than 18 years of age and reservation must be made by persons older than 18 years of age.

You can see the check-in / check-out times in the "Details" section of the advertisement you have selected. Please contact our customer service for your early or late check-in and check-out times requests.

Check-in / Check-out times are determined by the advertisers.If you wish to make a reservation at different check - in and check-out times, please contact our customer service.

The minimum number of nights for accommodation is determined by the advertisers. You can see the minimum number of nights you can stay in the "Details" section of the advertisement you have chosen.

Yes, the price policies of all our ads in our 724reservation.com system are determined by the advertisers. Prices may change according to the dates you choose.

After the completion of your reservation, you will be able to see the contact information of the advertiser in the reservation form that will be sent to you. If you have trouble communicating with the Advertiser, please contact with our customer service.

You can see the maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the information of the ad you will make a reservation. If you are more than the maximum number of people specified by the advertiser, please contact our customer service.

ELECTRICITY: Indicated by the advertisers in the "description" section.

CLEANING FEE: Cleaning fees are specified in the price section when you select the check-in and check-out dates.Some advertisers specify details about the cleaning fee in the” description " section.If the advertiser writes the cleaning fee in the “description” section, you must pay cash on arrival.

DAMAGE DEPOSIT - It is specified by the Advertisers in the "Details" section.

you can reach our suitable villas / houses / apartments from the “suitable for Pets” section on the main page.If you want to get more information, please contact with our customer service.

DATE CHANGES: To make changes in the date, you can reach us by entering the "Cancellation Policies" menu on our website, filling in the form on the page, and sending. If your request for change is approved by the advertiser, the date change is made free of charge by our company.

CANCELLATION: Cancellation policies are determined by the advertisers.For cancellation, you can get information from the "cancellation policies" Menu at the bottom of our web page.Please contact with our customer service for more information.

If you cancel a reservation that you have made, the “cancellation policy”set by the advertiser applies.Refund payments are sent to the IBAN numbers specified no later than 7 business days.

Advertisers evaluate your booking requests according to their availability.You can follow your approved or unapproved reservations in the "My Profile" - "My Booking Requests" menu.If you wish, you can contact our customer representatives and they will help you to find the best villa/house/apart house which suitable for your holiday dates.

Pool cleaning and maintenance is done on a daily basis and no extra charge is paid. If the property owners demands an extra charge , it will be states in the "Description" menu .

If you have problems in the property which you booked, you can contact the property owner number that we sent you.If you are having trouble reaching the property owner.You can contact with our customer representative.

Customer service can be reached 7 days / 24 hours.

You can take advantage of 100% Guest Satisfaction Insurance (free of charge) against problems that may arise in reservations you make with 724reservation.com.As 724reservation.com, we are always happy to be with you against possible problems that may occur with the property owners.

You can see the status of your reservation request from the "My Reservation Requests" menu on your "My Profile" page. If your reservation is confirmed, you can make your securely payment with clicking the "Make Payment" button.

If you have not found the answer to the question you are looking for,you can contact with our customer representatives 7 days / 24 hours a day or contact us with  the "Contact" menu.